Independent. American. Investing.

by, Joshua A. Ortner, CTFA


Step 1 - One Hour Meeting

Our firm wants to get to know who you're currently working with and how are you doing?

This meeting is complimentary. 

Step 2 - Follow Up Meeting

We breakdown what you currently own, recommend a simpler way to invest, and how we can reduce your risk in the markets. 

Step 3 - Implementation

We invest your 401k or IRA into American funds with our custodian of choice, E*Trade. If you have a bank or brokerage you like working with, thats fine too!

Step 4 - Continuous Management

We are paid a flat annual fee 1% or 2% of your account to continuously manage your investments. At least twice a year, we will meet with our clients to discuss your performance on how we are doing. We also offer a flat hourly fee if you would not like your investment account to be billed.

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Call Mr. Ortner for a conversation to see if we are a fit for you. You may text or call his phone at (440)-935-0445.

About Josh Ortner, CTFA

Mr. Ortner's Resume

- Certified Trust & Financial Advisor. Requires 5+ years wealth management experience and an advanced degree. 

- Teaches investment courses at Lakeland College.

- Kent State University Alum.

- Born and raised on a farm.

- At 18 years old, became one the youngest stockbrokers around. 

- Proud to serve veterans and families of veterans.


Why We Recommend American Funds 

Some say you cant beat the market.....That's what they want you to believe....Check out this short 2 minute video from American Funds. 

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