Who We Are

At Ortner Capital, we believe in ethical and conservative investment advice. Our firm was founded by a Certified Trust & Financial Advisor who grew up on a farm, and decided to do investing a lot differently. Were not suit wearing brokers who call themselves experts,  we are fiduciaries who are certified in trust funds and retirement funds. What makes us different is our truly independent advice on how to invest conservatively, while focusing on dividend income for you in retirement. Can you really trust those institutions who created phony accounts, or sold sketchy insurance products? We cant.

We are Ortner Capital.

What We D​o

We don't sell financial products, and we don't do your neighbors hot stock tips. Ortner Capital has built The Conservative Investor portfolio over the past eight years, and helps retiree's gain more income from their hard earned assets. We specialize in simplifying where your capital is invested, while providing dividend focused funds for your income needs.

How We Invest

We start off discussing The Conservative Investor at our no obligation first meeting. At the meeting, we review the current risk and opportunities you currently face in your account, and what your current income and expense is from your investments. If you like what we have to say, we agree on a second meeting to develop your own 2-Page Investment Policy Statement. This statement summarizes how we will earn you more dividend income. Our pricing is a flat annual fee, billed to your account. No hidden commissions, no insurance sales, just flat out conservative dividend advice.

If you would like to see some of the advice now, you can review it Free Here.