Who We Are

At Ortner Capital, we believe in ethical and conservative investment advice. Our firm was founded by a Certified Trust & Financial Advisor who grew up on a farm.  Were not brokers who call themselves experts,  we are fiduciaries who are certified in trust funds and retirement funds.

What We D​o

We don't sell commissioned based financial products or the neighbors stock picks. Our firm focuses on helping retired investors make more dividend income through our balanced portfolio.

 ​Where ​Are We

​You will find us teaching retirees about building conservative investment portfolios at Lorain County Community College. ​Mr. Ortner instructs part-time on how to avoid the new financial gimmicks in 2017, and how to earn more dividends through time tested strategies.

How We Invest

We start off reviewing the IRA or Trust you own to breakdown your total income vs. total expense. If you like what we have to say, we agree on a second meeting to make your own 2-Page Investment Policy.

This statement simply summarizes everything we do for you. Our pricing is a flat annual fee billed to your IRA account. No hidden commissions, no insurance sales, just flat out conservative dividend advice.

Mr. Ortner Instructing at Lorain County Community College.

Join Mr. Ortner and 30 other retirees learn how to build a conservative investment portfolio. This course is part of LCCC's Center for Lifelong Learning. The student will be given class materials including the instructors notes and book. We will cover the mix of investment asset classes that are available today in Traditional IRA's, Roth IRA's, and 401K's. Mr. Ortner will present case studies​ of situations that retired individuals have faced and how they overcame them without spending thousands on financial planning fees or insurance gimmicks.



Course Section: NCLL 165C - Building an Independent & Conservative Investment Portfolio

Or call LCCC to register: (440) 366-4148