by, Joshua A. Ortner, CTFA


"I started this business to be independent in my advice. I want people to be financially free in retirement."

Joshua A. Ortner, Certified Trust & Financial Advisor

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Mr. Ortner helps his clients and the public through instructing instead of selling. You can find Mr. Ortner at Lakeland Community or Lorain County Community College where he instructs retiree's on how to build a conservative investment portfolio.

Ortner Capital's Monthly Blog

Don't over diversify

September 1st, 2017

You hear all the time to diversify. But do you know how many times I have met people who own 20 mutual funds? There is such a thing of not putting all your eggs in one basket. However, this doesn't mean you need 20-different types of mutual funds that you have no idea of what they own.

A good starting point is to start figuring how much have you made on these investments? How much money are you risking to earn what? These are questions that will get you on your way to figuring out a new investment plan.

Breakdown the funds you own now

September 14, 2017

Before you decide to do anything else with your investments, breakdown and write out what you own! On your brokerage statement, you will see sets of letters like AMCFX or PTTAX. These letters are important and they are called mutual fund tickers. With these tickers, you can use them to figure out what this mutual fund is and what it owns. Your professional can help you with this, and its a great starting point to see if your savings is being managed correctly.

Lakeland Community College Wrap Up

October 3, 2017

This week I wrapped up an investment course at Lakeland Community College. Most retirees come to the class because they want to maximize the savings in their IRA. The questions I get are usually right to the point on where should I put my money Mr. Teacher? But before we can answer those questions, we have to ask what type of investor are you? Are you conservative and don't like the roller coaster of the stock market? Or are you savvy and disciplined and can own good stock funds that will perform long-term? It starts with asking questions about you.

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